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Important Information For Clients & Candidates:


As you know, recently, New York and several other states are requiring employers to include salary ranges for all posted job opportunities. If you would like to maintain salary confidentiality with your current employees, competitors and applicants, contact 

We can help you identify well qualified candidates while retaining the privacy of salary ranges of current employees and new hires.



As a result of the new demand from several states, employers are now required to include salary ranges for all job opportunity postings. Many companies are reluctant to reveal such proprietary information and are conducting searches through internal referrals, professional associations and executive recruiters. Therefore, you should develop and expand your networking efforts and connect with recruiters. Contact                         to help with your career search.

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Current Assignments

Call or write to learn about opportunities. We're currently conducting searches for the advertising agency community throughout the US .


If you need free help on developing a search strategy and editing your resume call us.


Quick Resume Hints for Today’s Technology


1. Compose a short career profile/summary focused on your skills, accomplishments and

experiences most relevant to the job being applied to by using key words and phrases.


2. Use traditional resume format and include your LinkedIn link. Do not use logos, photos or color.


3. Make it easy to read while repeating key works and phrases


4. Sync your resume to LinkedIn while expanding information on LinkedIn page. Include an email/cell

phone number but do not include home address or landline phone number on page.


5. Use .docx rather than .pdf when submitting resume to prospective employer.

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