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Post-Interview: Follow Through After The Swing

Step 1:

How did I do? Before you ask this question, call your recruiter and tell him/her how you think you did. Then, reiterate key points of interview so your recruiter can help you evaluate your performance. By knowing your interview hits and misses, the recruiter can follow up with the interviewer as favorably for you as possible and give you advice on how to approach the interviewer in the future.

Step 2:

Send a short letter to the interviewer thanking them for their time and highlighting key points of the interview. Keep it short and sweet. The last thing an interviewer wants to see is an unnecessarily verbose letter. Neglecting to send a thank you letter is simply unacceptable and rude. Do not send your thank you letter to your interviewer exclusively by e-mail. Folks who still do business in more traditional ways find this unprofessional.

Step 3:

Finally, take some time to sincerely evaluate the things you just learned at your interview. Ask yourself if you feel confident and comfortable about pursuing the job and company you just interviewed for knowing what you do. Make a list of questions to ask at a future interview or phone conversation to make up for something you missed or if the time during your last interview prevented you from discussing some important points. Talk to your recruiter about your next course(s) of action.

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